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5 essential plans in Mallorca this summer

June is coming, and if you plan to come to the island soon for a well-deserved holiday, you’re in luck! Today we bring you 5 essential plans in Mallorca this summer, so get your travel plan out and start aiming for a complete and unforgettable experience. Let’s get started:

Sóller Train

Really, no matter what season you come from, visiting the beautiful village of Sóller is an essential plan, and even more so if you do it by getting on its mythical train. The Sóller train stands out, among many other things, for offering one of the most picturesque and complete excursions around the island of Mallorca on a narrow-gauge railway that crosses from the city of Palma to the village.

The materials that make up the portentous train are old and therefore, in addition to keeping a special charm and many stories of time ago, must be preserved and cared for by hand with great care. The route of the Sóller train is a really impressive one that crosses up to 13 tunnels ranging from 33 to 2,876 metres, innumerable curves and bridges, such as the famous “cinc ponts” with 5 arches.

Visit Palma Cathedral

You’ve heard about it a million times, and it doesn’t surprise us… It’s one of the wonders of Spain and Gothic architecture. The Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Maria, better known by local people as “La Seu” or simply the Cathedral of Palma, is one of the most beautiful religious temples of the Levantine Gothic style. In addition, part of its particular charm is its privileged location, on the shores of the bay of Palma, so in summer offers us a picture of the sea special and beautiful. Don’t forget your camera! On the other hand, as you travel around the city to visit emblematic monuments such as the cathedral or La Almudaina, which is right next door, take advantage of the good weather and the proximity to also spend a day at the beach in Playa de Palma or take a walk through the Portitxol and its terraces.

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle is one of the most important monuments in the city of Palma. The castle, built in the 14th century for King James II of Mallorca, stands on the top of a hill about 3 kilometres from the centre of the capital. This magnificent building stands out especially for being one of the few circular castles in all of Europe, so if you come on holiday to the island, it’s worth a getaway here.

In addition, visiting the castle can also be a fun summer excursion, as you can get there by walking up the mountain/hill or you can stroll through the forest surrounding the castle, where many residents will do regular sports. On the other hand, in the castle you will also find the Museum of the History of the City of Palma, where various exhibitions take place throughout the year. If you want to discover a little more about the history of the city of Palma and enjoy a magical monument surrounded by nature, you can’t miss this essential summer plan in Mallorca.

Sa Dragonera Park

The island of Sa Dragonera was acquired by the Mallorcan Council in 1987, but was not declared a Natural Park until 1995 together with its neighbouring islets, Pantaleu and Sa Mitjana. Visiting the park is always a great excursion, but especially in summer, as it is accessed by a beautiful boat excursion that is usually done in the morning. Some of the best companies that organise excursions to the Sa Dragonera Park are Water taxi, Jumbo II, Bergantin and La Margarita.

It should be noted that in the park you can witness some of the most spectacular and characteristic flora and fauna of the Balearic Islands, including the famous “sargantana”, an endemic species of lizard found only on the island of Sa Dragonera. In fact, together with the “Balearic toad”, they are the oldest vertebrate terraces of the famous Mediterranean islands.

The park, which is separated from Mallorca by a canal approximately 800 metres wide, totals 908 hectares. More than 270 hectares are the natural surface of the park, and it should be noted that the park is also composed of a significant Area of Marine Influence.

Boat to the Malgrats Islands

If you come to Mallorca in summer, this is undoubtedly one of the 5 essential plans to make your holiday a truly unforgettable and pleasant experience.

The wonderful Malgrats Islands are one of the main attractions of Mallorca. The islands are formed by two islets within the municipality of Calvià, one of the most popular areas of Mallorca. Since 1984 the islands have been declared a marine and natural reserve due to the great value of the animal diversity in the area (marine and terrestrial).

Visiting the Malgrats Islands is undoubtedly one of the best excursions on the Balearic island, as to get there are organized countless fun boat trips, which usually also include food and snorkelling. A total of about 3 hours (round trip) offering an impressive promenade along the Mallorcan coastline to the famous Nature Reserve – a spectacular summer day!

Where to stay in Mallorca

We hope you liked our post about these 5 essential plans in Mallorca this summer. You know that if you need more information, you can always check out our blog, which is packed with content every month just for you. And don’t forget, if you’re looking to live a complete stay, close to everything and the beach in one of the best areas of Mallorca, we look forward to seeing you at Sun Beach Apartments Santa Ponsa!

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