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Heat’s too much? Here go 6 dishes and desserts from Mallorca to freshen up

Has the heat reached Mallorca and do you want to be well prepared? In today’s post we tell you about some of the best dishes and desserts from Mallorca ideal for cooling down and combating the high temperatures on the Balearic Island.

Almond slush

Nothing is more appealing when temperatures rise than a nice, cool slush, don’t you think? In Mallorca, the Mallorcan almond slush is one of the most popular refreshing drinks of the summer, and it has been practically so for immemorial times. It is an essential part of Mallorca’s gastronomic scene, as well as its main ingredient, almond, is a key ingredient on the island, also used in nougats, sponge cakes, for sprinkling, for making bread, milk…

The famous almond slush, delicious as it may be, is usually made with sweet almonds chopped from Mallorca, boiling water, a little sugar, and cinnamon (others make it with milk, depending on the recipe). Of course, it is served cold, and there are other recipes that include more “secret” ingredients.

Sóller Ice Cream

Is the heat on the island? Let’s go to Sóller! The truth is that Sóller is a town that must be visited anyway, but in addition to having beautiful streets and the famous train of Sóller, also keeps one of the most delicious ice cream of the Balearic Islands: the ice cream oranges sollerenses. The town is already famous for making delicious ice creams, but knowing that the town is famous for the quality of its juicy oranges, one would only expect them to make an ice cream worthy of a trophy.

Almond ice cream

And back to the almond. When we say that Mallorcan almonds are a key ingredient of gastronomy, we don’t lie. You see! They are also used to make one of the island’s most typical ice creams, “ametlla mallorquina”. If you normally feel like ice cream when the sun comes up, you can’t even imagine having it at hand. If you have the chance to try this refreshing delicacy, don’t miss the one made in the mythical Ca’n Joan de S’aigo cafeteria, an emblem in the city of Palma that has been preparing its almond ice cream in the same way for 300 years. You could say it’s quite a celebrity.

Gató with ice cream

Did someone say ALMENDRA? Yes, here it is again, and this time it comes not only in the form of an accompanying ice-cream ball, but also as a sponge cake. The famous gató d’ametlla is one of the most popular and typical desserts in Mallorca’s recipe book – when you try it you’ll understand. It’s true that this dessert, accompanied by its almond ice cream (or the taste you like), can be eaten at any time and at any time of the year, but you want it not, it’s also great for fighting the heat.

The gató is a must that you must try, it is one of those spongy biscuits full of love, in which one can notice and taste perfectly almost every ingredient. It is made with ground Mallorcan almonds, eggs, lemon peel, sugar, a spark of ground cinnamon and glaçe sugar to sprinkle on top. We recommend, once again, to accompany it with one of the artisan ice creams from Ca’n Joan de S’aigo.

Trampó or Mallorcan “trempó

El trampó, or trempó in Mallorcan, is a delicious cold salad where no lettuce is worth. This delicious recipe, which is not lacking in any house on the island during the summer season, is a combination of tomato (in larger quantities), green pepper and onion, all well cut into small squares and seasoned with a good extra virgin olive oil and salt. This is the most typical and traditional version of the dish, but there are other versions that are also very popular and include legumes such as cooked chickpeas, cut potatoes or even olives. Of course, it is a dish that is served cold, nothing goes through the frying pan, and it is a tasty and excellent way to enjoy Mallorcan gastronomy under the sun.

Stuffed Ensaimada

We’re sure you’ve heard of the typical ensaimada on several occasions, and it’s all true: it’s a delicacy worthy of gods! It is one of the oldest and tastiest pastry recipes, and the final product is a baked dough (made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough and lard – saïm in Mallorcan -) in the shape of a spiral and, commonly, sprinkled with icing sugar on top.

There are different variants of ensaimadas, being the “llisa” the most common, the basic without any filling or extra added. But, since we’re talking about fighting the heat, it occurs to us that you can opt for a rich ensaimada filled with cream (you can keep it fresh for a while and it will be delicious as a dessert). There are also other versions filled with chocolate or angel hair, for example.

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