Different plans in Santa Ponsa

If you are looking for things to do in Majorca, and specifically different things to do in Santa Ponsa, don’t hesitate to find out about all the things we are going to recommend you today. These are perfect plans to do with children.

If you are organising your holidays in Majorca and you are planning to stay in Santa Ponsa, we are also going to recommend Sun Beach Majorca. It is an aparthotel ideal for families and all kinds of people.

So if you want to know the different plans in Santa Ponsa and everything about one of the best hotels in Majorca, read on!

Katmandu Park Mallorca

A fantastic plan to do on good weather days in Mallorca is to visit Katmandu Mallorca. It is a different option where the little ones will have a great time. It also has many attractions.

Katmandu Park is the best rated theme park in Mallorca. There are many reasons why both adults and children enjoy this theme park in Mallorca. Here you will learn all about the legend of Katmandu and you can enjoy all the attractions of the park.

Water parks in Santa Ponsa

Another different plan in Santa Ponsa is to visit the wonderful water park in Santa Ponsa. It is the perfect place to spend a day with the family and enjoy yourself. In addition, on good weather days in Mallorca it is the perfect option to cool off.

The water park in Santa Ponsa, known as Western Park, is set in the old west. It has 3 different zones known as Indian Town, El Paso and Westerland.

In all of them you will find attractions and other activities to do. For example, the different bars and restaurants where you can eat or have a bite to eat during your day at the water park in Santa Ponsa.

Minigolf in Mallorca

A totally different plan in Santa Ponsa is to come and enjoy the magnificent mini golf in Mallorca. This is one of the few mini-golf courses in Mallorca. It is equipped with 18 different holes where adults and children will enjoy a unique time.

The 18 holes have different difficulties that will make the game even more fun. This minigolf in Mallorca is called Minigolf Miraflores. Moreover, it is located just a few metres from the sea.

This different plan in Santa Ponsa also has a games room and a bar where you can have a drink after spending some fun time with your friends and/or family. If you want to enjoy one of the different plans in Santa Ponsa, don’t miss this one!

A day at the beach in Santa Ponsa

During your holidays in Majorca, and taking advantage of the good weather in Majorca, you should choose to spend a day on the beach of Santa Ponsa. In Santa Ponsa you will find the spectacular beach of Santa Ponsa, a kilometre-long beach of sand and crystal-clear waters.

Surrounded by the promenade and all kinds of restaurants and bars, you will be able to enjoy this incredible and beautiful beach in Majorca. Moreover, it is a beach with all kinds of services, apart from all the restaurants and beach bars in Santa Ponsa that are nearby.

It also has showers, toilets and lifeguards. And if you are looking for a bit of shade and comfort, you can choose from the beach’s sun loungers and deckchairs. And if you are enjoying a few days with your family in Majorca, the little ones will also have a playground where they can play and enjoy this wonderful environment.

Palma Aquarium

One of the different things to do in Mallorca is to visit the Palma Aquarium. This is the most spectacular aquarium on the island. Here you will discover a unique place full of different animals and species.

The Palma Aquarium tries to bring all those animals from the seabed that are so difficult to see in their natural habitat, but which are spectacular. That is why it shows us all kinds of animals from the Mediterranean Sea, but also from other parts of the world.

Here you can see all kinds of fish and sharks, penguins and beluga whales. It also has unique activities such as a 3D video of whales, the option of swimming and watching sharks from boats or even sleeping in the Palma Aquarium next to the shark aquarium.

The Palma Aquarium is open all year round and has long opening hours, so you can visit at any time. It also has different play areas for children and a snack bar where you can have a drink and a snack.

Jungle Park in Santa Ponsa

In Santa Ponsa, very close to the seafront, you will find a magnificent forest in which you will find the Jungle Park of Santa Ponsa. It has an area for children, but also one for the older and more daring ones.

Jungle Parc de Santa Ponsa has all kinds of zip lines, slides and activities distributed throughout a small forest. Here you can connect with nature while enjoying the fun and adrenaline that Jungle Parc has prepared for you.

It is undoubtedly the perfect plan for the good weather days in Mallorca. Jungle Parc is only open during the summer, so don’t hesitate to do this different plan in Santa Ponsa during the summer days in Mallorca.

Sun Beach Mallorca

If you want to do one, or several, of these different plans in Santa Ponsa, don’t hesitate to choose one of the wonderful hotels in the area. We recommend our beautiful Sun Beach Mallorca aparthotel.

Very close to the sea you will have incredible fully equipped flats, with all the comfort of shared spaces. At Sun Beach you will have a swimming pool, a buffet restaurant and other rooms where you can enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the hotel.

For this… and much more, we are waiting for you at Sun Beach Mallorca!

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