Majorca Excursions

Majorca is undoubtedly a dream place, its climate, its beaches and its landscapes make this destination a paradise. The beaches of Mallorca are one of the tourist centres that make thousands of people come every year to Mallorca to discover its crystalline beaches.

However, in Mallorca we can find fantastic views and landscapes that are not so well known worldwide. One of the best ways to discover the natural surroundings is to go on excursions in Mallorca. In fact, one of the great advantages for people who decide to go hiking is that there is a wide variety of routes for all types of public: long or short, with views of the mountains or the beach, routes for the whole family or routes for experienced hikers… If you want to enjoy the best excursions, choose Mallorca!

Hiking Mallorca

There are many ways to enjoy hiking in Mallorca, but without a doubt the best way is hiking.
Walking in a natural environment, with the good climate of Mallorca and enjoying the scenery is without a doubt an incredible sensation. If you are in Mallorca you will find many options for hiking in Mallorca. One of the most common places for hiking in Mallorca is the Serra de Tramuntana. There are routes for all kinds of people and all of them are very well signposted.

In most cases you will not need specialised equipment for hiking in Majorca, but it is important to wear suitable footwear, as well as sun protection and water, as depending on the month you come on holiday to Majorca, the weather will be very hot.

Excursions for the whole family

Holidays are the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones, that’s why we want to recommend routes in Majorca so that you can be with the family, so that the fun for the whole family is more than guaranteed.

The excursions for the whole family in Mallorca are short and easy, you can find all kinds of routes to suit the level of difficulty of your family.

Here are some examples of excursions for the whole family:

Ses Coves Blanques

We begin our list of excursions for the whole family with Ses Coves Blanques. This excursion starts in Cala San Vicente and takes us along a wide path to a small hilltop where there is a tunnel carved into the mountain. At Sun Beach we are sure the children will have a great time exploring the tunnel.

Lluc Sanctuary

This excursion is the spiritual centre of Mallorca and one of the most visited places on the island of Mallorca. Without a doubt, this excursion is an ideal plan for a weekend stay and hiking in the surrounding area.

There are several options for short excursions, but the most famous is undoubtedly the Camel of Lluc. To get to the camel, we must go to the Lluc sanctuary and head towards the football pitch, where there is a sign indicating the path to follow.
This route is short and can be completed in 1 hour. It is undoubtedly a very entertaining plan for the whole family.

Excursion to Sa Foradada

The excursion to Sa Foradada is one of the most popular routes in Mallorca. Leaving from the houses of Son Marroig, you have to go along a beautiful path that descends to the famous hollow of Sa Foradada. At the end of the path there is a small jetty ideal for a refreshing drink and restaurants where you can try typical Mallorcan food. The total duration of this excursion is just under two hours.

Cycling routes in Majorca

For those who decide to explore Mallorca on two wheels, the cycling routes of Mallorca are also an ideal option. Cycling is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular in Mallorca and no wonder!

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find a wide variety of routes in Mallorca that are sure to suit you and yours. Enjoy the varied landscapes, whether mountain or beach, we’re sure you’ll love cycling in Mallorca.

Sun Beach Santa Ponsa

If you have already decided to come on holiday to Mallorca and you are looking for a place to stay and enjoy the best and most impressive excursions in Mallorca, our Sun Beach hotel is sure to be the ideal place.

Sea Club in Santa Ponsa you will be able to enjoy comfortable flats where you can rest once you have finished your excursions in Majorca. And if you are travelling with the family, at Sea Club Santa Ponsa we have everything you need. We have the perfect facilities such as a Magic Garden so that the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time.

This summer don’t hesitate, choose Sun Beach and enjoy your holiday in style!

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