Mallorca by bike

Discover the reasons why Mallorca is considered a cyclist’s paradise.

What do we find in Mallorca that makes it so interesting for cycling? There are several factors that come together on the island and make this destination a dream paradise for cycling lovers, whether it is a relaxed or an experienced one. You will be surprised to find roads in such good condition, the marked or separate bike paths are only found in the island’s largest cities, but in Mallorca we are used to seeing cyclists while driving, so we try to do so with extreme caution. If you choose Mallorca as a holiday destination for your favourite sport, you are in luck. It will be a unique opportunity to travel by bicycle and enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of the island of the sun, as well as some other reasons that we detail in Sun Beach and that have made Mallorca the world mecca for cycling. Make a note!

1. Participate in sporting events
You will find film roads, with little traffic (except in the summer season), an infinite number of routes where you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes the island has to offer, a very diverse orography suitable for amateur cyclists as well as lovers of two wheels with the most demanding legs, and a favourable climate that “almost” ensures sunshine for at least 300 days a year. And if we add to all this the spectacular beauty of the towns and landscapes as well as the magnificent hotel facilities like the ones you will find in Sun Beach, you already have the perfect combination. If we haven’t convinced you yet, we will continue to offer you a couple of alternatives to discover Mallorca by bike.
One of the best options for discovering the northern part of the island is to follow the route marked by the famous Mallorca 312 International Cycle Tourist March, which, as its name suggests, takes us to some of the most outstanding places in the north of Mallorca, along 312 kilometres where we can enjoy all its charms. During the day of the mark, the time limit for completing the itinerary is 14 hours. But if we are not in a hurry and we want to enjoy the wonderful environment that surrounds us, we can divide the route into 3, 4 or 5 stages to complete it comfortably in several days.

The route starts in Playas de Muro, and also takes you to some of the most picturesque towns on the island such as Alcudia, Pollença, Sóller, Deià or Andratx among many other towns and all this enjoying breathtaking views over the north coast of Mallorca. This terrain is ideal for the most demanding legs, so it is important to have the right developments and the right bike to ride and enjoy in the most comfortable way possible.



2. Cycling for all levels
It doesn’t matter if you’re professional or amateur. Mallorca offers cycling routes adapted to all levels to improve yourself in all aspects and with the addition of beautiful views of the sea and mountains. In addition to getting to know the north of Mallorca and its popular Serra de Tramuntana, a good base of operations in the south is Sa Ràpita, a coastal enclave belonging to the municipality of Campos and located on the southern coast of the island.
To walk along the south coast of Mallorca is to be accompanied by caves, mills, towers, watchtowers, old salt flats….. And all this with many unevennesses and a coastline full of magnificent beaches. Such is the success among cyclists that these points have become considered the most popular places in Spain for lovers of two wheels.



3. Extensive infrastructure
It is possible to enjoy the marvellous landscapes that Mallorca has to offer and have a flat tire. But don’t worry, most towns in Mallorca have small bicycle shops and workshops with specialized staff who will be happy to help you if you have any problems with your bike.
In addition, the Balearic government is very conscious of promoting ecological and cycling tourism on the island, which is why it devotes part of its resources year after year to improving the infrastructure of its roads in order to enjoy the routes in a relaxed and safe way.



4. Mallorca is bike friendly
And we will not tire of saying that Mallorca is a bike-friendly island. For more than a decade the island has been the scene of a concentration of professional teams of cyclists who come in winter to enjoy the advantages offered by the island and as a result it has become one of the most popular destinations. If you’re a true two-wheeler fan, you’ll feel like you’re in another world. The mixture of shallow areas of the island, the mountains of the Serra de Tramunatana and the rugged coastal regions make Mallorca a paradise for cycling lovers. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?



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