Santa Ponsa weather

Santa Ponsa weather

Are you coming on holiday and want to know all about Santa Ponsa weather and the island of Mallorca? You are in the right place! For you to travel with zero stress, in today’s post we tell you everything you need to know about the climate of Mallorca, the weather in Santa Ponsa and all the good things a holiday in this wonderful resort can bring you. Let’s do it!

Mallorca weather: a Mediterranean dream!

As you might expect, the splendid climate in Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is one of the main attractions of the island for travellers from all over the world. Mallorca enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate, one of the enviable ones, characterised by scarce rainfall and warm temperatures.

It is a paradise. Summers, the most popular time among most tourists looking to enjoy Mallorca’s best beaches and coves, are usually hot, although there is nothing that the sea breeze and a dip in the Mediterranean Sea can’t solve.

On the other hand, winters are not usually very aggressive either, but rather mild or temperate. Even so, it is possible that in winter, occasionally, there is a small season of extreme cold that allows us to see the emblematic Serra de Tramuntana covered with a perfect blanket of snow.

In general, temperatures in Mallorca are usually medium and mild, with little rainfall. In any case, whatever time you choose, you are sure to enjoy wonderful weather and nothing extreme, as Mallorca offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

The Santa Ponsa weather in June

Santa Ponsa is one of the most popular and best-located areas of Mallorca. Situated on the southwest coast of the island, it enjoys better microclimates, fairly mild and almost always sunny during the great majority of the year.

Without a doubt, one of the best times to visit Santa Ponsa is in summer, to enjoy the sun, the beach, boat trips, water parks or hiking in the mountains accompanied by the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun’s rays. Even so, even if you choose to come in spring or winter, there are also endless plans available in Santa Ponsa.

In summer, the average temperature is around 27ºC, although most days are higher. The month of June is undoubtedly one of the favourites, as it marks the beginning of summer and temperatures begin to reach their highest peak on occasions. The weather in Santa Ponsa in June is warm, sunny, and we can almost guarantee that with almost 0% rain.

On the other hand, bear in mind that if you are not used to it, you should bear in mind that in Mallorca there is considerably more humidity, and in June there is an average of 66% humidity and about 14 hours of sunshine a day.

During this month, Santa Ponsa weather will guarantee an average sea temperature of around 22ºC, which makes it a great time to enjoy water sports such as snorkelling, SUP or simply swimming.

Evening weather in June in Santa Ponsa

As we told you, the Santa Ponsa weather in June is splendid, but what happens at night? Don’t worry, let’s not put our hands on our heads! It’s true that during the night the temperatures will drop, but barely, to about 17ºC on average (but many nights tend to be much higher). Even so, you will be able to enjoy those mythical and paradisiacal summer nights full of magic on an island. You can go in short sleeves and enjoy a warm atmosphere with a light sea breeze stupendous. We recommend to go for a walk along the promenade next to the beach and have dinner or go for a drink at some of the many restaurants and bars in the area.

Apartments in Santa Ponsa

Do you prefer to stay in comfortable private apartments rather than in a traditional hotel? Apartments in Santa Ponsa are one of the favourite options among the majority of travellers, as they generally guarantee greater flexibility and autonomy. Travel on your own, without depending on anyone, and enjoy Santa Ponsa without limits! If you choose to stay in apartments in Santa Ponsa, we can not recommend our modern Sun Beach Apartments Santa Ponsa fully equipped.

Sun Beach Apartments Santa Ponsa

Sun Beach Apartments in Santa Ponsa have become one of the most popular and emblematic establishments of the place. The modern apartments are located a few meters from the famous beach of Santa Ponsa, where you will also find numerous restaurants and a great offer of leisure.

Sun Beach apartments are an ideal place to enjoy the best holidays in Santa Ponsa. They are comfortable, spacious and fully equipped with TV, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi if booked via the web. In addition, many of them also have a terrace overlooking the sea, and all have a nice clean, Mediterranean design and modern style.

To complete the experience, in our facilities you will find an outdoor solarium area with swimming pool, pool bar, Coffee Corner and incredible views of the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, they are a wonderful option to make the most of Santa Ponsa, and you have a lot of advantages booking via the web, such as a refreshing welcome drink or late check-out until 15:00 hrs.

In the meantime, before embarking on the trip, we leave you here another post about how to live the best holidays in Santa Ponsa, and another article about what to do in Santa Ponsa to make the most of the experience. Ah! And if you want to know a little more about the best way to get to the island, have a look at our post about flights to Mallorca – we hope to see you soon on Mallorca!

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