Shopping in Mallorca

Shopping in Mallorca is one of the many options of things to do in Mallorca. After a day enjoying the good weather in Mallorca on its beautiful beaches or making an excursion to the Serra de Tramuntana, what better plan than shopping in Mallorca.

In Mallorca there are many shopping centers, streets and markets where you can buy everything you are looking for. But also to find the most traditional items of Mallorca or souvenirs to remember your vacations in Mallorca.
That is why today we are going to recommend you some of the best places to go shopping in Mallorca. From large shopping malls in Mallorca to the iconic streets of Palma where you will find both international stores and small Mallorcan stores.
But we will also recommend you Mallorca markets. We will start with the most traditional markets in the villages of Mallorca, and we will continue with the markets of Palma. In all of them you will find local and autochthonous products of Mallorca. Read on to discover it all!

Shopping centers in Mallorca

A good plan for bad weather days in Mallorca is to choose the option of visiting one of the different shopping centers in Mallorca. Distributed in different areas of Mallorca you will find places full of stores and extraordinary atmospheres.
For this reason today we are going to propose you to discover the different shopping centers of Majorca and enjoy shopping in Majorca. Both in the center of Palma and in the outskirts you will find totally different shopping centers with completely opposite stores.
If you are interested in discovering the shopping centers in Majorca, do not hesitate to visit the ones we are going to recommend you today. They are, without a doubt, the best shopping malls in Mallorca. Visiting the shopping centers in Majorca is the perfect plan for rainy days in Majorca, but also for good weather days in Majorca.

Porto Pi Palma

Very close to Palma, just 5 minutes away by car and above the well-known Paseo Marítimo de Palma, we find Porto Pi Palma. It is a shopping center in Palma ideal to spend a quiet afternoon shopping in Majorca.
In Porto Pi Palma you will find all kinds of stores. From all the clothing stores you can imagine such as Oysho, Zara, Uterqüe, Mango… To supermarkets and bars and restaurants.
In the inner part of Porto Pi Palma you will find all the stores and supermarkets, while in the outer part you will find all the restaurants. If you go shopping in Palma and choose this shopping center, do not hesitate to enjoy the different gastronomies that you will find in Porto Pi Palma.
From Porto Pi Palma, thanks to its location, you will have beautiful panoramic views of Palma. And you will also be able to enjoy strolling along the Paseo Marítimo of Palma and visiting all the nooks and crannies of the Club Náutico de Palma.

Fan Mallorca

Fan Mallorca is another of Mallorca’s shopping centers. Located between the center of Palma and the Airport of Mallorca, it is a place full of atmosphere and life. If you want to go shopping in Mallorca this is one of the best options.
In Fan Mallorca you will find stores that you will not find in the rest of Mallorca. This attracts a lot of people who are on vacation in Mallorca, but also all Mallorcans.
Among the stores in Fan Mallorca you will also find bars and restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of food. Moreover, it is also the perfect place to do your shopping, thanks to the Mallorca supermarket in this Palma shopping center.

Mallorca Fashion outlet

Mallorca Fashion Outlet is a perfect option for you to enjoy shopping at the best price in Mallorca. The reason is that it is the only shopping center in Mallorca focused on outlet, so all the prices are very low.
This Mallorcan shopping center is the place to do your shopping in Mallorca. Mallorca Fashion Outlet is located between two different locations in Mallorca. Between Marratxí and Santa María del Camí.
Undoubtedly, going through the different areas of Mallorca Fashion Outlet and meeting with the different stores is a perfect plan in Mallorca. In addition, on the last Thursday of each month the sales increase and the promotions are even better.

Markets in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are two different types of markets. One of them are the weekly markets in the villages of Mallorca. In all the towns of Mallorca, there is a weekly market in which fruits, vegetables and all kinds of articles are sold.
And on the other hand we have the fixed markets in which every day of the week you can find all kinds of fresh food and, mostly, of Km0 of Mallorca. But since a few years ago they are also a perfect place where to eat and enjoy these Mallorcan products.

Markets in the villages of Mallorca

In all the towns of Mallorca, incredible markets are held weekly. Some of them are bigger and others smaller, but all of them have the same characteristics.
They are the perfect place to buy Mallorcan products. Both food products and all kinds of objects and possible souvenirs that you can take back from Mallorca as a souvenir.

Markets in Palma

On the other hand we have, especially in Palma, the markets that are open daily. In them the Majorcans buy all kinds of food and enjoy the atmosphere that moves through its aisles.
In them you can enjoy buying fruits, vegetables, meats and fish from Mallorca. In addition, you will also enjoy all the small stalls that for some years have become meeting places and where to eat for many people. An example of these markets in Palma where to go shopping in Mallorca is the beautiful Mercado del Olivar.

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