Sun Beach reforms the installations

It knows the transformation of the complex

The complex of Apartments Sun Beach has make an integral renovation of his installations, to put to the forefront in the Apartments of Santa Ponsa, and to change totally the target to which his offer is destined.

The Apartments Sun Beach has turned into the perfect housing to spend a few fantastic vacations in Santa Ponsa, a tourist emblematic place in the island, thanks to his modern ones and equipped facilities. Now, the adults and the 10-year-old major children will be able to enjoy the major comforts and services. And all this accompanied of the exceptional location of the complex placed to scanty meters of the idyllic beach of Santa Ponsa and of a zone that offers a great variety of leisure and restaurants.

Totally reformed apartments


To adjust to the needs of our clients we have decided to do a deep remodeling of many of our facilities, between them of the apartments of four blocks that the complex Sun Beach possesses. This deep reform includes all the parts of the apartment, which now presents a more modern and ultramodern aspect that the one that he was presenting before the reforms of the apartments. We have increased the comforts of all the facilities of the apartment. The kitchen, the lounge, the bath and the bedroom have suffered a deep transformation that will leave you with the opened mouth when you come to visit us.

We are very proud of all our apartments newly reformed, but special mention we must do them to our buildings Premium with terrace and his unsurpassable conference to the Bay of Santa Ponsa. You will not find a few better sights of the fantastic beach thanks to his location in the top floor.

A big renovation

The transformation of the complex is visible from the same entry to the hotel. The reception has been totally renewed by a Mediterranean design simultaneously that modern design. There you will find 24 hours our equipment of receipt expecting to solve your doubts always with a smile in the mouth. Entering, to right hand you will find a zone to take a coffee calmly, and to left hand a few relaxing armchairs, to happen the evening fullly calmly and in peace.

To our zone of reception we have added a Lobby Bar, in which to be able to think something in a relaxed way and with extraordinary conference. It proves our extraordinary coffee or some capture of the delights that we prepare for you to the moment. This new concept of Lobby Bar will do your much more comfortable stay to you, I do not stretch that to go out of the complex to go to a cafeteria or bar of the zone. We prepare it for you to the moment and with the best flavor!

And these are not the only changes that you will find during your next stay in our Apartments Sun Beach. Do you want to do a bit of exercise during the vacations in Mallorca? We give you the solution. Come to prove our new gym placed to the exit of the hotel, to right hand, going out for the receipt. There you will find a gym totally modern and equipped with the best machines of the market. You will be able to make spinning, run in the tapes or do weight. All this under the attentive look of the instructor, for if you want to consult some doubt him or cannot do like any exercise.

Besides the zone of weight and exercises, in the gym you will find a dojo. There you will be able to do sports as judo or taekwondo, besides exercises of initiation with a monitor. A philosophy brought from Japan, which sure that it captivates you and you want to practice again and again.

Change our target

Sun Beach has decided to do a renovation of the majority of his facilities with intention of adapting the complex to the new target which the hotel is directed. Sun Beach happens to turn into a hotel for pairs and families with children of more than 10 years.

In addition, we stop reserving the hotel for big groups. Now more than one person not can be reserved three rooms, with what we us guarantee that the stay of our clients is much more comfortable and that they could enjoy close to us a few relaxed vacations.

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