Do you know the best gastronomic markets in Mallorca?

If there is one thing that defines Mallorca and the rest of the Spanish geography, it is its excellent gastronomy.

From a few years to this part different gastronomic spaces have been born that have been transformed into places where not only to eat, but also it is habitual to buy fresh products of season, preserves, local crafts or even to enjoy the good music, performances and in general live leisure.


The most beautiful villages of Majorca

The villages of Mallorca that are too beautiful and that you should not miss


Mallorca is synonymous with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beach bars and glamour, a lot of glamour.  But there is, however, another more unknown and overlooked island, an intimate and traditional face that hides some of the most beautiful and charming villages in Spain.  If you are one of those who enjoys nature and want to discover the hidden face of Mallorca, take note of the corners that we recommend from Sun Beach, a dreamlike environment that deserves to catch your attention!


Know the 10 dishes that you can’t miss from Mallorca

The best dishes of Majorcan cuisine

The Mallorcan people are good people to eat, there is nothing we like more than enjoying a tasty meal, especially if it is in the company of our friends or family. Mallorca’s gastronomy is one of the great unknown in the national scene, but it is undoubtedly of a level that makes it win the award of excellent. Gastronomy is one of the best ways to get to know the culture of a place, and Mallorca’s gastronomy has a pillar: the product of the orchard. A simple product with an extraordinary elaboration that always gets the point to fall in love with our palate. From Sun Beach we tell you the typical dishes of Mallorca’s gastronomy. (more…)