Do you know the best gastronomic markets in Mallorca?

If there is one thing that defines Mallorca and the rest of the Spanish geography, it is its excellent gastronomy.

From a few years to this part different gastronomic spaces have been born that have been transformed into places where not only to eat, but also it is habitual to buy fresh products of season, preserves, local crafts or even to enjoy the good music, performances and in general live leisure.


The best beaches of Mallorca

Discover which are the best beaches of Mallorca.

Mallorca is a paradisiacal Mediterranean island with some of the best beaches in the country. With fine sand or rocks, hidden or more popular, the coast of Mallorca is full of coves and beaches to visit. With more than 250 beaches reaching a total length of 50 km, there are beaches for all tastes and all plans, with a family atmosphere or solitary, the coast of Mallorca is to enjoy it.



Mallorca by bike

Discover the reasons why Mallorca is considered a cyclist’s paradise.

What do we find in Mallorca that makes it so interesting for cycling? There are several factors that come together on the island and make this destination a dream paradise for cycling lovers, whether it is a relaxed or an experienced one. You will be surprised to find roads in such good condition, the marked or separate bike paths are only found in the island’s largest cities, but in Mallorca we are used to seeing cyclists while driving, so we try to do so with extreme caution. If you choose Mallorca as a holiday destination for your favourite sport, you are in luck. It will be a unique opportunity to travel by bicycle and enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of the island of the sun, as well as some other reasons that we detail in Sun Beach and that have made Mallorca the world mecca for cycling. Make a note!


What to see in Mallorca without stepping on a beach?

Mallorca for nature lovers.

Easter arrives and plans begin for a few days of vacation. If you have chosen Mallorca to enjoy a well-deserved rest, we offer you a plan that is difficult to refuse. Forget about the beach bars, beaches, discotheques….if you are one of those who enjoys nature and want to discover the other side of Mallorca, the island keeps many secrets inside that deserve to capture the attention of all visitors. At Sun Beach we recommend the following:


The best golf courses in Mallorca

Mallorca, a paradise for golf lovers

An absolutely privileged climate, natural scenery of incredible beauty, an atmosphere of total tranquillity and the most exclusive golf courses, make Mallorca the favourite destination of millions of golfers throughout the year. Playing golf in Mallorca is an experience worth enjoying, it is a wonderful opportunity to discover the island from a totally different perspective. Mallorca has a great variety of golf courses, suitable for all ages and tastes that all offer a unique golfing experience. Autumn and spring is a very favorable time to play golf thanks to the mild temperatures and fresh air that make the golf experience unique.