The climate in Mallorca

Mallorca’s climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by warm temperatures, more or less mild in winter, with hot summers that on the island are enjoyed in another way thanks to the breeze offered by the Mediterranean. In Mallorca we find mild average temperatures and seasonal rainfall.

The climate of the island is undoubtedly a strong attraction for tourists who every year visit this little piece of paradise Balearic. Its climate is within the subtropical temperature category. This means, as we have said, that summers are very hot and not very long, and, in general, winters are mild. Although exceptionally there are cold waves that allow us to see the majestic snowy Tramontana.

From Sun Beach Apartments, we invite you to discover and visit Mallorca both during the summer months and the less hot months, as the island changes completely depending on the season. So much so, that from an island full of people, life, light, beaches and terraces full of life we pass to an island full of peace and tranquility, with corners to discover in a totally different environment, almost magical.

Privileged climate in Mallorca

Mallorca, or what we call our little piece of paradise, is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, which, together with Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, forms a uniprovincial autonomous community, the easternmost in Spain. The island is 3640,11 km², which makes it the largest island in Spain and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The whole Majorcan island enjoys a privileged Mediterranean climate. This makes it the ideal destination practically 365 days a year.

Thanks to the mild climate that characterises Mallorca, both residents and visitors can enjoy activities, routes, breaks, outdoor sports, and a variety of activities where the sea and the mountains are the most important.

This makes the island a perfect destination for couples, friends or families with or without children. An endless number of aquatic activities, sports such as cycling, golf or just enjoy a walk in the middle of nature or getting lost in its forests and mountains and its charming island villages.

Weather in Mallorca, a paradise 365 days a year

One of the reasons why Mallorca is a perfect destination to visit all year round is that it always has a warm climate where two seasons reign: mild winter and summer. All this makes it possible that whatever the month of the year, you can walk along the promenade, take a tour of its terraces, restaurants and streets. Undoubtedly, spring during the last years has become the favorite season of many, for the tranquility and temperate climate that characterizes this time of year.

Rainfall on the island is about 45 days a year. They occur mainly in the winter months, but in practically no case are torrential rains.

The summer months run from May to September, when the climate is dry and warm. Temperatures can reach 27ºC during this season, although August is the hottest month, so you can have a higher temperature.

Winter is between October and April. It is a fairly mild winter where you will find a temperature of about 14 º C, something really incredible because almost anywhere else in Spain will have a winter of this style. The coldest month is the month of January, where there is a greater chance of rain, but still, you will find it incredible to be in winter with a climate as if it were autumn in another city.

That’s why, now that the spring months are approaching in Mallorca… We invite you to discover the charms of the island from Sun Beach Apartments.

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