water activities in Mallorca

Top 4 water activities in Mallorca

Are you planning your trip to the island and looking for the best summer plans? In today’s post, from Sun Beach Apartments, we tell you all about the best water activities in Mallorca that you can’t miss. Let’s go!

Water activities in Mallorca

As it could not be otherwise, being such a spectacular island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy countless water activities in Mallorca. Of course, there are sports suitable for all ages and all tastes – no one gets bored here! In addition, when you just want a little relaxation, you can always choose to lie on the beach quietly, absorb some sunshine and swim in the turquoise waters when you feel like it. Zero stress.

But since in today’s post we are going to talk about the best water activities in Mallorca, let’s investigate! On the island, you can enjoy everything from sports like windsurfing or surfing, to snorkelling, the famous coasteering and even paddle surfing, boat trips or a simple pedal boat ride. As we said before, there is everything and for everyone.

In addition, there are some coastal and island areas that stand out especially for practising one sport or another, or that have a greater offer of this type of leisure. One of these places is undoubtedly the area of Santa Ponsa, where numerous aquatic activities are offered on the beach of Santa Ponsa and its surroundings.

Water activities in Santa Ponsa

Diving, boat trips to other beautiful islets nearby and to the famous paddle surf. Santa Ponsa Beach is one of the most popular in Mallorca, as well as the whole town itself. It is undoubtedly one of the main tourist destinations during the summer season.

On its beach, you will find a beach bar, a lifeguard post, shops and mini-markets nearby, and a multitude of water sports and activities on offer. In addition, all this surrounded by a natural, beautiful and magical environment.

On a jet ski along the bay

Would you like to try the jet skis in Santa Ponsa? There’s nothing like feeling the adrenaline rush for your body and riding the coast of this area of the island on a jet ski, which will allow you to enjoy the sea and the beach of the place from another perspective totally new.

In Santa Ponsa you can rent a jet ski for one or two people for a duration ranging from 20 minutes to 40 minutes or 1 hour. There is no need to worry about not knowing how to drive it, as if you are not an expert or have not ridden one before, usually in the rental stores themselves will also give you a small class to learn to master it without a problem.

At this point, it should be noted that you must be at least 16 to rent a jet ski, although if accompanied by an adult (over 18 years), can also ride minors.

Paddle Surf

Have you tried the paddle surf yet? Also known simply as “SUP” (Stand Up Paddle), rowing or paddle surfing, this sport has become one of the favorite on the island and in the area of Santa Ponsa or Can Pastilla in Palma.

This aquatic activity consists of sliding over the surface of the sea, “surfing” it, going up on a surfboard and driven by the manual movements that one makes with a paddle. All of this, as is logical, is done standing on the board (although the most normal thing is to fall from time to time until the trick is caught).

This is one of the most fun water activities in Mallorca and is also suitable for virtually all audiences. In Santa Ponsa, for example, you can find several options for renting paddle surfboards, and in the same place will surely explain how to use it and give you a number of tips. If you prefer, there are also places where you can take small paddle surf lessons that are ideal to do with your partner or a group of friends. Guaranteed laughs!

Boat trips

This is something more relaxing, but no less fun for it. Of course, on the beach itself, almost anyone on the island, you’ll find the option of renting a fun pedal boat of colours or even in the shape of flamenco, slides, and so on. That’s a great option if you’re just looking for a more relaxing activity on the beach or travelling with children, but in the Santa Ponsa area, you can also enjoy a number of somewhat more “elaborate” boat trips.

For example, one of the best boat trips is to the Malgrats Islands, an island of great ecological value that is also protected. There are numerous marine, bird and terrestrial species of great interest, which is why it is one of the essential plans in Mallorca.

Diving in Mediterranean waters

Have you ever tried scuba diving? Are you an avowed fan already? Whether you’re already a fan or not (it’s on time if you try it on Mallorca), you’ll enjoy a snorkelling or scuba diving excursion through the island’s incredible underwater landscapes like never before.

Mallorca is already an ideal destination for this type of sport and aquatic activity, but it is particularly ideal for areas such as the bay of Santa Ponsa. In specific places on the beach of Santa Ponsa, diving is a wonderful option due to the various depths, which give spaces and rocky areas of the deep sea a hypnotic light. As if that weren’t enough, we must point out that there are several old boats sunk by the area, something super important and significant for lovers of diving of more advanced level.

In addition, in this area of the Mallorcan bay, you can appreciate spectacular native species of the sea, including moray eels, congios and dentex. It is also worth mentioning that in this area of the island’s coastline several reserves have been created for the protection and conservation of the seabed and its species. This is undoubtedly one of the best water activities in Mallorca and Santa Ponsa, so if you want to know more about it, we recommend that you also read this other post about scuba diving in Santa Ponsa.

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