Typical Majorcan food

Typical Majorcan food

Whether you have already decided to visit Mallorca, or if you are still hesitating, we recommend that you read on to discover the incredible gastronomy that this island has for you. We are sure that with these lines your mouth will water and you will only think about coming to Mallorca to taste everything it has to offer.
The typical Majorcan food is characterized by a great presence of vegetables in it. Ingredients such as tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are very important in Mallorcan gastronomy. Nevertheless, meat and fish also have their place in the Mallorcan cuisine.

Typical Majorcan food


If you haven’t been to Mallorca yet, we recommend that, upon your arrival, you look at how many people boarding a plane are accompanied by an ensaimada. If it is not your first time on the island, you will have been one of those who return home with a delicious Mallorcan ensaimada. Seeing this we can safely say that it is the most recognised Mallorcan dessert in the world.

Its exact origins are uncertain as some attribute its invention to the Arabs present in Mallorca for over 300 years. While others believe that it was invented by a Jewish pastry chef and given to Jaime I to taste during the reconquest. Although it is not possible to define exactly who was the first to cook an ensaimada, everything points to the fact that it comes from the bulema. That is the name given to a typical Jewish bread with a shape very similar to the ensaimada.

The pig is one of the great protagonists in the Mallorcan gastronomy and it is largely because of the ensaimada. The word ensaimada comes from saïm which is the name given to lard in Catalan. This is because lard is a key ingredient in the preparation of ensaimada. But don’t worry, more and more bakeries in Mallorca are offering vegan options for this typical sweet.


Trampo is the Mallorcan salad par excellence and is as simple to make as it is delicious. It is the perfect dish to eat on a hot day at the beach and to prepare it you only need three summer vegetables. With just tomato, onion and white pepper, you can prepare a delicious trampó. You simply have to cut the three vegetables very fine, mix them and season them with salt and oil and voila! You have a trampó that will transport you directly to the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca.

With this simple recipe you can also prepare coca de trampó, which is another of the cornerstones of Mallorcan gastronomy. A coca de trampó is a salty cake made of flour, water and oil to which the trampó is added just before baking. It is the perfect appetizer to surprise your friends with flavours of Mallorca.


Tumbet is one of those dishes full of vegetables that you can’t abuse if you want to be able to get back into your favourite trousers. Its ingredients are: potato, aubergine, courgette, pepper and tomato sauce. We say you should be careful with this dish because, despite the abundance of vegetables, they are all fried. Although you can also opt for a healthier version of this dish by cooking the vegetables in the oven. The result is almost the same and your arteries will thank you.

To prepare it, the vegetables are fried separately and then layered like a vegetable cake. It is normally prepared inside a greixonera, which is a very popular clay pot in Mallorcan kitchens. But don’t worry, any container with a certain depth will do. Once the layers of vegetables have been placed, a good layer of tomato sauce is added, also fried. Although the tumbet itself is already strong, it is usually accompanied by pork loin, fish or fried eggs. A real delicacy of Mallorcan food that should be enjoyed in moderation.


If ensaimada is the most famous Mallorcan dessert, sobrassada is the most famous salty dish. Sobrassada is made from raw pork which is minced and seasoned with different spices before being left to cure for at least 3 months.

Although sobrassada is recognised as a native product of Mallorca, it is believed to be of Italian origin and the oldest document in which this characteristic sausage appears dates from 1403. In which King Martin I of Aragon requests sobrassada from the butler.

Although sobrassada is the perfect sausage, it is not the same if you do not accompany it with a piece of bread or olive oil biscuits, also very typical in Mallorca. The Quely biscuits. It is very common to see it as an ingredient in many preparations, both salty and sweet, such as empanadas or coca de tallades. A sweet sponge cake filled with pumpkin and sobrassada.

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