Water sports in Majorca

On the island of Mallorca we have everything and one of the things that differentiates us from other destinations is that we have sea and mountains in equal parts. The beaches of Majorca are internationally recognized and in them we find a perfect place to practice water sports in Majorca.

The available offer is wide but not all of them can be practiced on the beaches of Mallorca. Some of them can be practiced in sports facilities spread around the island of Mallorca. Swimming in swimming pools, Flowboarding and Waterpolo would be some of these. On the other hand, if we want to practice them in the sea, the offer expands and presents very interesting options.

The main water sports in Majorca that can be practiced on the beaches of Majorca include different modalities. You will discover the Majorcan coast living experiences that will make your vacations in Majorca unforgettable.

Water sports that can be practiced on the beaches of Majorca

The water sports that can be practiced on the beaches of Majorca will allow you to discover the beauty of the seabed of the island of Majorca. You will be able to observe the variety of marine species and enjoy a swim in the paradisiacal waters during your vacations in Majorca. The most common water sports are the following ones.

Scuba diving or snorkeling

This aquatic sport is perfect for those people who think that scuba diving is too complicated. It will be enough with a mask, snorkel and fins. Practicing it will allow you to admire the marine life of the island of Mallorca.

You can find different information points on the beaches of Mallorca where they will guide you on how to practice the activity. It can be practiced diving from the shore or from a boat in the open sea.

The practice of this aquatic sport during your vacations in Majorca will be undoubtedly one of the best experiences of your life since the island of Majorca has a unique marine fauna in the world.

Scuba diving

If you feel like scuba diving and you are not afraid to dive in the deep waters of the island, this is the water sport in Majorca you are looking for. The demand for this activity keeps growing year after year as the popularity of the island of Mallorca is also growing.

In your vacations in Majorca you cannot miss the practice of this water sport. You will be able to observe a greater variety of marine species than in the practice of scuba diving, since you will enter to a greater depth.

An expert instructor will be in charge of instructing you and your group on how to practice scuba diving safely. If diving is not enough for you, this is the perfect water sport in Majorca for you.


If you are a lover of waves and want to experience them on your vacations in Mallorca, you cannot leave without practicing this water sport on the coast of Mallorca. Bring your board on your trip to the island of Mallorca if you practice this sport regularly or rent one in the area.

In case you are a beginner in search of new experiences, the island of Mallorca gives you the opportunity to live them. Around Mallorca you can find different places where you can buy or rent a board.

Don’t think about it and jump into the sea to live the experience. If you are new, you can hire a teacher to help you learn this water sport during your vacations in Mallorca. Do not miss the opportunity to live this experience in Mallorca.

Water skiing

This water sport in Majorca is a mix between surfing and skiing. If you like surfing and skiing, this may be the sport of your dreams. You can practice it during your vacations on the beaches of Mallorca.

A high-powered boat will sail the seas of the island of Mallorca performing different maneuvers. A rope tied to the boat will drag you over the waters of the beaches of Majorca and will allow you to live an experience full of adrenaline.

It is worth practicing this water sport at least once in your life. One of the best places to do it is the island of Mallorca. It will undoubtedly make your vacations in Mallorca a unique experience.

Kite Surfing

One of the most popular water sports in Majorca that you can enjoy on your vacations in Mallorca is Kite Surfing. It consists of sliding on a board on the waters dragged by a kite. It is usually practiced in the biggest beaches of Majorca.

You have the option of doing it on your own or through one of the specialized companies. If you are new to this water sport, you will have the option of learning with a monitor during your vacations in Mallorca.


Placed on a sailboard you will be able to glide over the waters of the beaches of Majorca driven by the wind. It is usually one of the water sports in Majorca in which more hours of training are needed since it is not as simple as the others.

Your vacations can count with the practice of this water sport. It is another way to experience the waves of the beaches of Mallorca. If the wind plays in your favor, you will live a very amusing experience.

The best areas to practice water sports in Majorca

In case this is the first time you practice these water sports on the beaches of Mallorca, you will find a great variety of companies and monitors that will help you.

You can find different places where you can practice these water sports. Practically in any of the beaches of Majorca you will be able to find companies that allow you to do it.

Some of the most popular and easy to find places in Mallorca are mentioned below. If you have never practiced these water sports before, it will not be difficult to find instructors to help you live this experience.

If your intention is to practice scuba diving, we recommend you to visit beaches in Mallorca such as Playa Es Braç, Cala Mondragó, Cala Portals Vells or Formentor Island. On the other hand, for scuba diving you will find clubs such as Scuba Ca’n Picafort, Nico Sport Portocristo, Big Blue Diving Centre Palmanova or Scuba Activa San Telmo.

For the rest of the water sports we have talked about in this post, we recommend the following beaches in Majorca: Paguera beaches, the surroundings of Cala Mayor, Ciudad Jardín beach, Ses Covetes or Es Trenc are some of the most popular beaches in Majorca for practicing water sports in Majorca.

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